About Mykal

Hello! I’m Mykal, and my journey is not just about exploring metaphysical beliefs and universal laws;
it’s about living them.
Through both personal discovery and professional practice, I've devoted my life to not only understanding these principles but also applying them to everyday life.
This is where my passion lies—turning what could be mere discussions into real, transformative experiences.

My Practice

From a young age, I felt a profound pull towards the mystical aspects of existence.
This curiosity led me to pursue a degree in Transformational Psychology which focused on hypnotherapy and life coaching. I becamea Certified Master Hypnotic Coach (CMHC) to assist others in achieving freedom from the boundaries of their own subconscious.
Alongside these accomplishments, I have been a Level 2 QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) practitioner for 10 years.
But my learning didn’t stop there. My spiritual team, including the
Infinity Dragons, guided me towards a unique form of intuitive energy healing,
that has been described by past clients as "profound" and is my key focus now on empowering others to find clarity and inner peace.

Unlocking the Past

For those of you ready to embrace a life fully supported by your soul and the universal energies, it is crucial to let go of the past pains that hinder your energy flow and to shed the outdated beliefs and programming that cloud your perception of what’s possible.
Healing is an ongoing journey, yet with each step, it becomes increasingly rewarding as the true potential of your life unfolds before you.
This healing journey has enabled me to overcome the emotional traumas of this lifetime, as well as those from past lives, some of which are beyond my full understanding.
The key to unlocking this path to recovery lies in our emotions. By acknowledging them and addressing their root causes, we liberate ourselves from the ongoing cycle of both emotional and physical pain.
Through this profound journey, I have discovered a peaceful joy in living abundantly, a life that is not only fulfilling but also overflowing with purpose and happiness.
Services I Offer

Living a Kuantum Life

At my metaphysical store, Kuantum Life,
(a playful nod to Quantum Energy which holds the secrets to how we create our life and demonstrates that where and how we put our awareness creates the reality in which we live)
My aim is to personify the principles I teach, living a Kuantum Life and inspiring others to embrace this transformative journey as well.
Kuantum Life is more than just a store; it's a vibrant community and a way of life.
Whether you are new to the concepts of metaphysics and universal laws, or you are well-versed and seeking to deepen or refine your understanding, this is your sanctuary. Here, you can explore a wealth of resources tailored to every level of experience.
It’s a place for learning, growth, and connection. You'll find not only tools and teachings but also a community of like-minded individuals.
Together, we journey towards greater knowledge, shared experiences, and mutual support in our pursuit of a fulfilled, Kuantum Life.
Kuantum Life Website

Teaching & Mentoring

As I delve deeper into my personal journey of self-discovery, my next step is to share more openly about what it truly means to live a Kuantum Life.
I'll be sharing stories and insights that reveal the intricate and sometimes challenging reality of embracing this transformative way of living.
I will delve into how I utilize, practice, and apply the laws of universal energy and attraction in everyday life.
These concepts often defy our initial expectations and demand a firsthand experience to truly grasp their depth.
The universal laws encourage us to simply "be"—a concept that might seem straightforward yet is complex in its simplicity, especially for the analytical left brain that craves clear, step-by-step instructions.
Living a Kuantum Life, however, is about moving beyond the confines of our logical minds and leading with our hearts.
It's about embracing a lifestyle that isn't dictated by rigid structures but is fluid and intuitive, driven by deeper emotional and spiritual awareness.
This shift from head to heart isn't always easy, but it's incredibly rewarding, offering a richer, more harmonious way to experience the world.
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